The World of Coding

Hello All,

This week’s post is about software coding. I have had a tumultuous relationship with software coding over the years. It started with an intro class my very first term in college, which just happened to be a summer term (summer term = same amount of work in half the time on a topic I had never even touched before with a teacher who wasn’t too fond of me or my inability to code). Needless to say, I ended up re-taking the class during a normal semester with a different teacher and earned a much better grade the 2nd time around. Also needless to say, I never took another coding class again. I always wished that I understood the language (especially when I had coding assignments in other classes), but I never really got into it. I did enjoy the feeling of brilliancy, though, when my jumble of text would compile correctly! haha…anyways What does this have to do with design? Everything!! When you understand the basic languages and essential sequences of coding you can create anything and everything! Technology and computers are growing exponentially and the future of design rests in the hands of the few who have the patience and willpower to master the code!!

Check out this video, the inspiration for today’s post!


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