Disney Magic

Yay Disney innovation!! Initially talked about in a blog post, Disney is currently trying out a new system in their Florida parks that will essentially streamline a guest’s visit. They have already replaced roughly half of the entrance turnstyles with these guys…
…these “touch points” glow green when a valid ticket is held up to the device. With this new innovation everyone, including wheelchairs and strollers, can enter the park in the same manner more quickly and efficiently. There are also employees standing by with iPod touches to scan uncooperative tickets or to act as an additional touch point during busy times. All of these new upgrades are a part of the new MyMagic+ program that will continually grow and reveal more of itself as time goes on. One of these additional revelations is the MagicBand. This is a bracelet that houses a wireless RFID that will function as park tickets, hotel room keys, PhotoPass card, FastPass tickets, and even as a method of payment. Another addition is FastPass+; a system that will allow guests to fully plan their day before they even set foot onto Disney grounds by essentially signing up for a specific time to ride a ride or view a show.

Disney is always coming up with ways to make their parks more magical and this design using today’s technology really sets the bar for other theme parks.

Check out this article for more…http://www.nbcnews.com/travel/disney-worlds-turnstiles-vanishing-replaced-apple-ipod-touches-rfid-bracelets-1C8736226


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